Welcome to the Original Thrifty Equine Horse Tack Consignment shop!
A community kind of place. We like to be the people you come to for advice on how to
sell your extra stuff. Come on in to buy, the equipment you need. Trade on up, or get
outfitted for your new horse. We love what we do we love horses and we love it when
our customers find what they need and enjoy their shopping experience.
We also have the following items:
English & Western Bits, Bosals, Spurs and Spur Strapes, Halters, Lead Ropes,
Halter & Lead Rope Sets,
Lunge  Lines, English & Western Headstalls, Complete English & Western Bridles,
Saddle Bags,
English & Western Reins, Cinches, English Show Clothes, English Riding Boots,
Breeches, Dressage Bridles
Saddle Pads, English Girths, Hackamores, Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets,
Shipping Boots, Easy Boots, Splint Boots,
Cowboy Boots, Saddle Racks, Driving Harneses, Pack  Equipment, Helmets,
Grooming Supplies,
Hoof Jacks, Cowboy Hats, Feeders, Lariets, Mecates, Framed Artwork, and a
Whole Lot More .
We are committed
to making sure
horses and their
people get out
fitted for the
seasons and for

Spring Hours
Wednesday - Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 4

Please call before coming in to be sure I am
here. Might be out fitting saddles.